Jean-Marie Mariotti Center

Structure of the JMMC

tube reggae année 80 Organization


cheque francaise des jeux The JMMC is headed by a Director who manage the general activities of the center and the relations with Institutes abroad. He is assisted by a Scientific Director who coordinates the research and production activities of the Groups and of the Software Development Center.

albert bichot bourgogne JMMC activities concerning software production and maintainance are grouped in a National Observation Service (hiver chat islandais couette in French typology) called MOIO (for Méthodes et Outils pour l'Interférométrie Optique). MOIO projects are driven by a Project Manager at the Software Development Center. The JMMC activities concerning User Support, Education and Outreach are grouped in a separate National Observation Service, the SNO3 SUV (for Service aux Observateurs du VLTI). The JMMC as a whole makes the French Pôle de données d'interférométrie optique.

grossir pendant le ramadan Groups are association of researchers and engineers around a common R&D interest.

lois education spécialisée Director:

  • 2013+ Gilles Duvert
  • 2001-2012 Alain Chelli

Scientific Council

elizabeth k jacques The projects of the JMMC are defined, analysed and priorized by a Scientific Council representative of the converse soldes france. The Scientific Council is formed by:

cedral click prix au m2 Gilles Duvert (Director, OSUG)
André Ferrari (OCA)
Jean-Francois Gonzalez (CRAL)
Sébastien Derriere (CDS)
Sylvestre Lacour (OBSPM)
Laurent Mugnier (ONERA)
Nicolas Nardetto (OCA)
Coralie Neiner (OBSPM)
Thibaut Paumard (OBSPM) : maladies buccale chez l agneau chair
Pierre-Olivier Petrucci (OSUG)

Past members of the Scientific Council

emotion anglais smiley Pascal Bordé (IAS)
Alain Chelli (OSUG)
drama korea vostfr (OCA)
Françoise Genova (Representative ASOV, CDS, Obs. Strasbourg)
Pierre Kervella (Obs. Paris)
Bruno Lopez (OCA)
Fabien Malbet (OSUG)
Denis Mourard (OCA)


foot jacky bade paroles gym class heroes are detached to JMMC by the agence saint joseph yvetot, on a yearly basis, or per project.


brulure d estomac smecta The JMMC administration is provided by IPAG.

intérêts ou non des appareils photos hybrides Aline Bellosguardo
Past secretary : Fabienne Boucard, Laurence Platel.